Rafael Y. Herman at Zazà Ramen


Zazà Ramen, noodle bar and restaurant founded by the collector Brendan Becht, will exhibit from April 2 to October 4, three works by Rafael Y. Herman from Studio Guastalla

The three works from the project "Bereshit-Genesis" were created at night under the moonlight, without any digital manipulation. The trees are surrounded by a light that cancels spatial limits, evoking the first day of creation, which by the book of Genesis was a divine light or the origin. The tree is a metaphor of life and choice, “the tree of knowledge”, of Good and Evil. The trees of Israel, the land of Bereshit, are solitary portraits in the desert, mainly on full moon nights. Rafael Yossef Herman offers the vision of an "other reality", that of nocturnal images that create an alternative reality never seen by the human eye before. He examines the limits of timeless reality and surreality, searching for virtuality or a new reality arising from the mystery of the night. Although the nocturnal landscape is close to us, its details cannot be observed. These landscapes that do not exist for the human eye are therefore intuitions from another reality.