Turi Simeti


Turi Simeti

Alcamo (TP) 1929

TIn the early Sixties, in line with contemporary experiences at the international level motivated by a shared desire to free artistic expression from tradition and pre-established codes through the acquisition of monochromy and relief as the sole compositive forms, his language defined and structured itself around a geometric element, the ellipse, which was to become the code of his artistic work. uri Simeti was born in Alcamo, in the province of Trapani in 1929. He moved to Rome in 1958 where he got in touch with the art world getting to know Alberto Burri and to spend time in his studio. These inspirations gave rise, in the early Sixties, to an initial production of works comprising various materials. Exposed in numerous galleries in Italy, as from the second half of the Sixties, his distinctive work started attracting great attention in Switzerland and in Germany, where his fortune was to grow over the years. 
In the second half of the Seventies his exhibitions brought him to various European cities, subsequently his work has been presented in numerous private galleries and, after years of intense work at the International level, Simeti came back to Italy in 1989. Other recent individual exhibitions of the artist have been presented at international galleries and pubblic spaces. Actually Turi SImeti lives and works in Milan.


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