Leonforte (EN) 1947 - Torino 2015

Salvo (Salvatore Mangione) was born in Leonforte in the province of Enna on the 22nd May 1947. He spent his childhood in Sicily and in 1956 the family emigrated to Turin where he expresses a precocious interest in art. At the age of sixteen he participated with a Leonardo style drawing, depicting an old man’s head, at the 121st Exposition of the Promoter of Fine Arts society. 1973 is the decisive year, signalled by a return to painting with the use of traditional techniques that were however already experimented in some self portraits. Since 1976 he has elaborated a series of simplistic landscapes, with bright colours, cavaliers among architectural ruins and visions of weary classic columns, seen in various moments of the day, from dawn until dusk. Between 1982 and 1983 he got notoriety which gained solidity even in Europe, with scrupulous retrospective exhibitions held in Gand, Lucerne and Lyons. Since then he exhibits regularly in Italy (Milan, Genoa and Rome) and abroad (New York, Stuttgart, Monaco and Cologne) where his work is acclaimed as a great success.