Rafael Y. Herman


Rafael Y. Herman

Beer-Sheva (Israel) 1974

Rafael Y. Herman was born in 1974 in Be’er Sheva, Israel. Herman began studying classical music at the age of six, becoming a percussionist in Philharmonic orchestras, ensembles and rock bands. After graduating from the School of Economics and Management at the University of Tel Aviv, he moved to Latin America, traversing seven countries and exploring his craft: He photographed Cuban musicians, the Carnival of Bahia and the Zapatistas in Mexico, working with Amnesty International in Paraguay, eventually becoming part of an artist’s commune in Chile. In 2003, Herman moved to Milan, and presented his project “ Bereshit-Genesis ” at Palazzo Reale, which launched him into the international art scene. In 2012, Herman’s portrait of John Chamberlain was chosen by the Guggenheim Museum of N.Y as an iconic visual for a number of seminal tri- butes. In 2013, he was invited by TED to speak on his artistic language, a talk he titled “ Alternative Reality “ and in 2015, he won the Prague Photosphere Award. His recent works address two main themes: metaphysical curiosity and the tale of what lies beyond, and the investigation of light as a physical element and protagonist of space-time. Herman’s works are in prominent public and private collections, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Salsali Private Museum of Dubai and MAXXI national museum, Italy. His works were exhibited across Latin American capitols, into Europe and Israel. Herman’s recent solo exhibition in 2017 at the magnificent Testaccio pavilion of MACRO museum in Rome claimed great international attention and marked the largest exhibition of the artist prior to the Ludwig Museum solo Exhibition in Budapest at the spring of 2018. Rafael Y. Herman is an invited artist of Ville de Paris at La Cité Internationale des Arts. He currently works and lives in Paris.      

Sinergia, with Amnesty International, Catholic university and Fuji, Japan Cultural Center, Asuncion, Paraguay, 2002;
Colores de Brazil, El Taller gallery, Santiago, Chile, 2003;
Ritos, Chilean Israeli Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile, 2003;
Szépség, Göethe Institute, Budapest, Hungary, December 2005;
Maga’, Sala Delle Cariatidi, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italia, Dec. 2006;
Bereshit-Genesis, Galleria Studio Guastalla, Milan-Italy, Nov. 2007–Feb. 2008;
Kesef Base’ar (Money in the Hair), Gam Galeria, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2009;
Late | Line, Galerie Peripherie, Tubingen, Germany, Sep.–Oct. 2012;
Lightforms Continuum, Bodson gallery, Brussels, Sep—Nov 2013;  
Bereshit-Genesis, Fotosfera, personal, Prague, Czech Republic, Sep—Oct 2015;  
The Night Illuminates The Night, MACRO museum— Testaccio, Roma, Italy, Jan—March 2017;  
Rafael Y. Herman, Ludwig museum, Budapest, Hungary, February—April 2018.        

Viajes, Kultraltum art festival, Plaza Brazil, Santiago, Chile, 2002;
Respirar Pasado, Palacio Larrain, Santiago, Chile, 2002;
Omanut—Israele. Arte e Vita, Palazzo Reale, Milano, Nov 2006–Jan 2007;
Modular, East West Gallery, Bologna, February 2007;
6eme festival international de la photographie de mode, Cannes, France, June-August 2008;
Pour que vivent les deserts, Artcurial, Paris, France, Nov. 2008;
7eme festival international de la photographie de mode, Cannes, France, June–Aug. 2009;
Making Room, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Nov. 2011–Oct. 2012;
Choices-John Chamberlain, Guggenheim Museum, catalogue cover, New York, Feb.–May 2012;
Trees in Focus, Sotheby’s, New York, March–April 2013;
Trees in Focus, Sotheby’s, Paris, March 2014;  
Eina, Artveras Gallery, Geneva, Swizzerland,, September—Nov 2018;
Lo spazio dell’immagine, museum's permanent collection, MAXXI museum, collective, Roma, Italia, Nov 2018—Nov 2019.
Fotosfera Award Prague, Czech Republic, September 2015